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The Steadings, Nethy Bridge - Exterior The Steadings, Nethy Bridge - Rear Garden The Steadings, Nethy Bridge - Interior

Client: Bespoke Highland Homes

Date: 14 December, 2017

The Steading, Nethy Bridge

Working with Bespoke Highland Homes and architect Jolie Ho, 3D Drawing Office were asked to create from plan the restoration of a rundown farm steading in Nethy Bridge, Aviemore.

3D Visualisations

These visualisations are invaluable in generating interest and excitement prior to the completion of the build. You could provide your client with exactly what they wish to see. 3D CGI is a fast and effective way to help you and your client get involved in every part of the design process.

Planning approval

Last but not least, 3D visuals help to get council approval. As you know, there are a lot of buildings rejected by local government due to the ‘uncertainty’ factor in the appearance. However, with a realistic and accurate 3D visualisation, you can guarantee more confidence and take out the ambiguity of the project to win approval more easily.