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Hawick Flood Protection

Hawick has a very long history of damaging floods, principally from the River Teviot which has overtopped its banks 15 times in recorded history. Following this Scottish Borders Council commissioned a number of studies and conducted a prioritisation exercise which identified Hawick as a high priority for investment in flood protection measures.

Information matters

The town of Hawick had to be created in 3D in its entirety, with most of the detail occurring next to the Teviot river. As with all flood protection animations most of the work occurs before any of the proposed construction begins. CH2M (now Jacobs) provided lots of information including Mastermap, .dxf and drone footage files for terrain modelling.

Public Consultation

As part of the Option Appraisal Process for the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme the Project Team held a public exhibition in which the animation and several of the 3D visualisation where showcased to the public in Hawick.

"Since we released the 3D fly through of Hawick it has been getting a significant amount of praise so thanks very much for your inputs. I have also been getting a lot on inquiries from others within Jacobs who have been very impressed." - Alan McGowan, Jacobs.
"Thanks again for your model production, it has been well received by the client, and hopefully look forward to working with you again in future." - Stuart Slaven, Jacobs.