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About Us

Serving over 100 clients during the last 7 years, 3D Drawing Office is a 3D visualisation company, built out of pure excitement for creating and delivering high quality, photorealistic 3D visualisations on time and on budget.

We specialise in 3D Architectural Visualisation and 3D Animation services for Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers and Marketing agencies.

3D Visuals have now become essential in securing pitches and tenders when competing with other companies. Once the job is secured, 3D visuals are then used for design approval, planning, marketing and publicity.

Projects Completed
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We are always available to take on your project no matter how big or small.



We are constantly learning new methods and creating faster workflows, that better suit your needs in a rapidly changing market.



You'll find that we try to give you a fair quote based solely on the use of our time, not the size of your company.



But not rushed. We're well practiced and have created a solid workflow that allows rapid turnaround when a project has landed on your desk at the last minute.

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